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Pop temptress Mrs Britney Spears (34) was today rushed by helicopter to a top Hollywood hospital after being stung on the forehead by a disgruntled worker bee out looking for pollen. The bee named only as 'BRIAN' was rushed back to the hive where his condition is said to be critical.

The shock of this terrible accident has reverberated throughout the world as both fans and fellow musicians try to come to terms with this terrible tragedy.
Mrs Spears was rushed to Saint Clintons hospital in the heart of Hollywood where she is said to be stable and recovering well.

Artists impression" The long term side effects of a sting like this are hard to predict " said leading Hollywood surgeon Dr Heimlich " There has also been some swelling in the facial area, but we don't foresee any damage to her career, lets face it who's looking at her face ". Mrs Spears ( real name - Clara Wankbottom ) was stung whilst bouncing around in a non sexually threatening way during the filming of her new promotional video for the song ' Oops!, baby one more sometimes '
" One minute I was bouncing up and down " said Britney " when suddenly this bee appeared from nowhere. He circled me for a few minutes and then landed on my bosom area, I must have been bouncing up and down more violently than the bee thought as he was catapulted into the air toward my face from the breastial upswing. It was then that he stung me"

This is the latest in a long line of insect related accidents involving Mrs Spears, 1999 Mrs Spears nearly choked to death on a moth during a concert. The moth ( who cannot be named due to litigation ) was drawn in a state of hypnosis to the stage lights Mrs Spears uses in her pop concerts. And only last month Brittney was forced to cancel several concerts after she stubbed her toe when startled by a spider in the bath.
Brittanys agent J.T Adams said " It's well known that Britianny has bad luck where insects are concerned, but she's not the only one I'm sure everybody knows someone who has bad luck with some kind of animal such as hippopotami or geese, we do not believe the crazy notion that this is all part of some great conspiracy !! ".

Brittarny is expected to stay under armed guard in hospital for the next few days sealed inside an air tight room 500 feet below ground.

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