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Cash, we want your cash !!! Disney buy rights to Anne Franks diary
Show biz news from America hit Europe today when The gargantuan Disney© corporation announced that it had purchased the film rights to ©Anne Franks Diary®
Emma Bunton visable from Space Years of planning finally paid off today when ex Spice Girl Emma (Baby Spice) Bunton officially became the 3rd man made object viewable from space. Keen to lose her image as a 10 year old nymphet, Bunton has been working toward this goal since the split of the Spices last year. "We always knew that Emma would be big". said former band mate Mel (Spooky Spice) B "But we never thought she would be this big".
WE must save the cock. George Michael appeals for massive cock
George (YOGGI) Michael, the former WHAM© popster has launched an appeal to save the worlds biggest cock. Speaking to the world press yesterday Mr Michael told of his first encounter with the enormous cock.
Craig David infested
Following allegations made by this very Internet newspaper, scientists at the prestigious London Institute of Insectology have discovered that Muppet faced 14-year-old pop sensation Craig David is rife with possibly the worst infestation of insects ever known to man. FULL STORY HERE

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Scientists have discovered through extensive DNA tests that fat faced actor Robert Downey jnr is in fact a cunt.

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