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Dave Lee Travis saved

There was triumph today for the protestor's who have been camping outside Dave Lee Travis for the last three months when the councils plans to demolish the abandoned D.L.T fell through after the National Heritage society officially declared it a grade two listed building.

" We couldn't be happier " said one of the tree huggers " The Hairy Corn flake is a part of our nations history and must be saved at all costs ". There has been outrage since the council unveiled it's plans to knock down Travis and replace it with a state of the art fourteen story Simon Mayo.

DLT opened by Princess Anne Prince Charles had publicly called the plans " Utterly, utterly preposterous " and " Yet another attempt to erect some sort of monstrous carbuncle when a historic beauty like Dave could be preserved ".
The National Heritage stepped in at the request of London's playboy mayor Ken Livingstone " We had to do something " a spokesperson commented " Ever since Simon Bates was sold to the Americans and shipped out to Oklahoma piece by piece, our nation's treasures have been disappearing and they must be preserved. I'm only sorry that we were too late to stop Peter Stringfellow turning Annie Nightingale into a nightclub and Pizzaria, but we are actively campaigning to have Annie restored to her former glory ".

" The market value of ex Radio One DJ's has increased dramatically in the last couple of years " and estate agent told us " even a semi detached Pat Sharpe or Gary Davies can go for up to two hundred and fifty thousand in the right area ".

Travis was constructed in 1925 as office space for the then B.B.C and has been used for many different purposes over the years including prop storage and as a film location, in fact most of the popular televisual series Last of the Summer Wine is filmed in the grounds that surround Travis, and D.L.T was also used as the backdrop for one of the weddings in the popular film hit Four Weddings and a Funereal the film that catapulted a young Richard E Grant to fame.

There are no firm plans for the future of Travis as yet, but he is at least safe from the bulldozer's for now. It is rumored however that Mohamed El Fayed has expressed an interest in purchasing D.L.T and restoring it for use as a museum where he shall display his vast collection of pubic hairs.

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